Our cartoons on your clothes!

Christmas is here, again.
What can you buy to make gifts this year? Socks? Again!
Avoid overthinking about what to give to friends and family, and check out our new online store: a lot of colorful items with your favorite iggies are waiting for you to get them! They are so cute you wil be compelled to buy one for yourself as well, we bet it.

Is there a missing illustration or product you would absolutely like to take?
Leave a comment either here or on our Facebook Page, we will do our best to update Halfadog’s showcase and fulfil your wishes.

The Missing Ball: Chapter 3

House moving once again!

Italian greyhounds react to their own family's house movingWe’ve been offline for a while, because we had to move. Unlike any other dog, italian greyhound moving to a new home may not be stressed too much.Ines was glad to have the chance of playing hide and seek around so many boxes. Pico, well, he is so accustomed to relocations with Kate, he just feels slightly bothered by them. Bello has been on the edge for a couple of days, until he understood he was coming with us. And his couch and bowl would follow, obviously.

The Missing Ball: Chapter 2

The Missing Ball: Chapter 1

(They can’t get no) Satisfaction

Small dog, large poop

owner can't believe his italian greyhound can have such a large amount of poop

Italian greyhounds are small dogs. God only knows how they can churn out such an enormous amount of poop.

Definitive evidence that sweaters make IGs sleepy

Here’s the smoking gun that our episode ‘A very gentle approach to dog training’ points to a general truth among IGs!
Many thanks to jash209 for posting this GIF on Reddit.

Oops, he did it again!

Way too far, Mum!


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